Grad Suit Package 2018

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You or someone in your household is graduating this year!

We make it easy to get suited up for the big day with our Grad Suit Package 2018. Jim’s Clothes Closet is proud to offer this deal for our grads again this year.

So, whats the deal?

Starting at $295 +tax 

You will have a selection of suits to choose from (starting at $295, upgrades available) and we will include a shirt (up to $50, upgrades available), a tie (up to $45, upgrades available), and we will also cover the cost of your pant alterations.

You’ve got the freedom to choose from many combinations to reflect your personal style/match your date.

Suit, shirt, tie, AND alterations?! PERFECT!

We know you may still be growing so we do ask our tailors/seamstress’ to leave extra fabric at the hem to let down as a later date so you may enjoy your garments a little longer.

Come in or call for an appointment and we’ll get you started. You’ll be ready for grad, job interviews, weddings, etc. in no time!

Here’s to all the Grads of 2018!

***We are also an agent of Black & Lee Tuxedo and Suit Rentals as an alternative to purchasing***

Grad Suit Package 2018