Tilley Endurables

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“Everything with our name on it is made in Canada. Yes, that’s hundreds of thousands of Hats, and shirts, and underwear…”

Here at Jim’s Clothes Closet, we carry hats by Tilley in multiple styles and colours for him or her. Tilley Endurables offers dependable items that can withstand whatever the world has to offer. Function is important, but not at the expense of comfort.

Perfect for travelling, golfing, boating…The Tilley hats are designed to keep the sun off of your head and ears and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Tilley is known for their easy to wash, fast-drying and long lasting fabrics. Most styles are even guaranteed for life – So what are you waiting for? Come see for yourself.

“Everything with our name on it is made in Canada where we can keep a watchful eye.”