10 Ways to Get Into Movember – Jim’s

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MOVEMBER – It’s more than just growing a moustache. So how can you get involved?

  1. For the WHOLE month of November (popularly known as MOVEMBER) Jim’s will DONATE $5 FOR EVERY PAIR OF UNDERWEAR SOLD IN OUR STORES to the Movember campaign! Get ahead on your holiday gift shopping or feel better about adding to your personal collection knowing you’re contributing to a great cause.
  2. “Get Involved; Grow Your Moustache. Start November 1st clean-shaven…” Join the campaign yourself at: The Official Movember Page
  3. For the ladies/non-moustache growers…Sign up to move every day for 30 days this Movember: MOVE – The NEW Way to Fundraise for Men’s Health
  4. Get your coworkers/sports team/family/neighbourhood together for some healthy competition. Challenge the people you know to get involved – make it competitive (eg. group/person who raises the most money and awareness get’s their lawn mowed by the competition for a month.. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES)
  5. Learn more about the cause. Movember was created to raise awareness on issues such as: Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity) Here are some helpful links: Canadian Mental Health Association, prostatecancermatters.ca, Canadian Cancer Society – BC, testicularcancercanada.ca
  6. Talk about it! Start a healthy conversation with the information you already have or that you’ve just learned. Creating awareness on these issues is a HUGE part of the movement.
  7. Get active. Take a friend or family member with you on a nature walk or get someone to join a gym with you. If you need someone to motivate you, there is someone else out there who needs the same push. Buddy up. Stay active – stay healthy.
  8. Encourage other participants. Not everyone can grow the perfect ‘stache but they come in all shapes, sizes, and bushiness…compliment your fellow moustache growers. Keep the conversation rolling all month long.
  9. Get inspired or inspire others. Share your admiration for a great moustache you’ve set your eyes on. There are a lot of them out there – start looking. #moustachegoals
  10. GET TO IT – Like us on Facebook and share our Movember post so your family and friends can see. Spread the love for the men in your lives (The link to this page is included). ****AND STAY TUNED for a FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY this month (November)!


Thank you from all of us at Jim’s and Happy Movember!